Digital Marketing and Services

It is very important after making a website to achieve its target audience and business. At Krung- Tech our expertise and intense work on research and data analytics help develop digital media campaigns for our clients to yield high returns on your online ad campaigns and presence.

What is Online Digital Advertising?

Mostly known as web banner advertising which involves more intense tools to target the right type of audience in their regions and also re-target them again to achieve goodwill for your brand. It involves targeted media placement to show the advert on other websites, digital & social media platforms Learn More which relevant to the business and its services. It is a form of banner ads online placed on other websites to showcase each other’s business. It’s always a useful tool to boost your website’s online presence. Like the Google ad word that concentrates on your website search and keywords this is another medium to get recognized right away.

Types of Online Campaigns we offer at Krung-Tech

Engage with online platform offered by Krung-Tech and our ad-networks for advertising and choose an appropriate model which suites your website products and services, we sketch and structure good marketing campaigns to help boost your online sales and also help to promote your business globally and reach out to more customers. Explore with other cost revenue models for a better ROI.

Cost Per click

Pay per click commonly known as cost per click, is and internet advertising model, used to direct traffic/users to websites, in which the advertiser pays the publisher(website owner) for every click he gains on his advert or web page. Cost per click implements the affiliate model, which provides purchase opportunities whenever people are surfing around the internet. It’s mainly used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of Online Marketing and advertising.

Cost per Sales

It’s an online advertisement pricing system where the publisher or website owner is paid on the basis of the number of sales that are generated directly by the advertisement through his website. It’s mostly used by websites who sell products online and also websites which deal with bookings and reservations. Here you market your website on some good digital platform and share a % of your sales with the website that is playing your ads.

Cost per Acquisition

It is a method of advertisement where by the advertisers pays only if the ad is fulfilled its purpose. It’s a very safe way for new business to advertise for they only pay if there are any leads or acquisitions generated from the advert.,

Cost per Lead

When you target the market to capture leads to turn them into sales. Some advertisers feel there is too much money lost due to cost per sale model and due to uncertainties in tracking all the online sales sometimes it’s better and beneficial to use the cost per lead model where an advertiser pay for every lead he gets from the advertisement. Lead maybe in form of the customer showing interest on the ad by sharing ad liking it, or registering to the website through the advertisement to get better offers and see more about the adverts business. Also its a safe model for the lead generated is 50% sale opportunity.

Cost per Impression

(Also known as Cost per Thousand) is the model where a advertiser pays every single time his/her add is displayed. It is the cost or expense incurred for each potential individual who has seen the ad. It I the cost incurred for every thousand potential online customers who have actually viewed the advert. This model just like cost per sales and cost per click model helps to analyze the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Cost per video

In simple reference is the cost paid by advertiser for his video to be viewed through the internet/online medium. It is a platform for commercial and fully fledged advertising where videos and share and viewed and commented on to share awareness and market the product at a bigger and wider scope. This model is mainly used by the Entertainment and social industry via online.