Web Design & Development

What is Web Design & Development? How important is it for Businesses today? & what are the Different Types of websites we make?

The terms web design & development encompass a wide focus on creating, hosting and designing a website and making it available to a worldwide audience through the medium of internet. At Krung-Tech we try designing visual and stunning websites with the objective being “user friendly”. The Success of its website depends on its design and attractiveness. If you decided to have a website for your online business then first step is to understand what kind of website architecture will fit your business and customer needs.

We build fully dynamic, creative and data driven websites that can sell anything and everything online with its web presence and make sure that it is very responsive and mobile friendly. Krung-Tech has a Strong back office system with full control that helps maintain the website at all time .

The websites we create are Search engine friendly which helps in ranking and placing the websites on search portals for many others to view and notice the business presence. We also always manage the Domain, web hosting and customer support for our clients.

Web Strategies

As mentioned earlier we make visual and stunning websites depending on our client demand and needs so once the process flow starts, at Krung-Tech we create Web Strategies and campaigns that outline how the business should position itself online after the website is complete to boost its online presence and business. We help analyze the right digital platform it should use to spread its message, how it should communicate with the customers with the backbone being the company Website. All this is very important in the designing phase, layouts and demos for each page is created and sent to the company for their reviews and suggestions.

Web User’s Easy Access & Experience

A good Web User Interface (UI) Design makes the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals that’s makes it easy for him to go on the website without any confusions and complications which is user friendly easy to access—what is often called user-centered design and finally to complete the designing phase and know it’s a hit is when you check the Web User Experience (UX) Design) which is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product on the website as in how easily he can inquire or buy a product or service he has seen on website.

Types of Websites We create for our clients

Static & Dynamic Web pages

Static Web pages contain fixed code; the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the designer. It’s a file which is made once during the creation of the page.

On the other hand Dynamic website can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the site. For example, news and events could be posted to the site through a simple browser interface, website products and its prices can be regularly updated.

(B2C)Business to Customer & (B2B) Business to Business Websites

Consumers can buy a huge variety of items from online stores which are easily accessible and have quality and variety of products, example books, clothing, household appliances, toys, hardware, software, and health insurance can be conveniently purchased online. In the case of B2B one business buys from other business through the website for example advertising agencies, web hosting and graphic design services can be purchased directly. We at Krung-Tech help our clients reach their targeted market by creating the perfect type of websites for them.

E-commerce Website

Krung-Tech has its expertise in developing e-commerce websites for any industry business. We have made suitable and affordable shopping cart solutions which is easy to understand and use for small, medium and large scale companies.

From hotel, travel, flight booking websites to personal blogs, business portfolios, and product oriented websites for selling online, we have the expertise to design and create all these different websites with modern designs and layouts to boost your company’s online presence and make a statement.

Ever heard of lazada.com, flipcart.com, ebay.com, amazon.com, bookings.com, agoda.com, air.bnb.com, foodpanda.com, eatigo.com or even bettings.com? It's the stepping stones of e-commerce websites in their respective countries and industries. But you don't have to be them to sell your products online. There are millions of small businesses who use their ecommerce websites to sell their products over the Internet. Just about the power of digital and social media platforms today that these websites are recognized and target audience get what they want. Anything that can be sold offline can be sold online—with much less overhead!

Blogging Websites

Blogging websites derived from the word Web-Logs or the in-trend name blogs is the basis of websites that are based on online diaries, journals, editorials, personal travels, and magazine writer articles. Lately blogs have taken over the internet. Master class content writing with graphical visuals always attracts readers and researchers. Its proof that content is king. Anyone with great writing skills can write what they think about life, their lifestyle, what they do, others do, they feel, they think others feel in life or business or towards achieving a motive or goal. It’s what you think and feel about things around you; you share it with the outside world and get reactions for your articles or write ups through the medium of a good designed blogging website.

It has been commonly used by people with families or people who wish to capture and share big moments in their lives like weddings, new born babies and mostly their personal feelings and their travels. These days’ bloggers have become increasingly popular and at Krung-tech we help our bloggers and their websites updated on a daily basis to keep the timeline of their blogs intact.

Mobile friendly Websites

Today every single individual is a phone addict. You call, message, shop, buy-food, book rooms or tickets for movies and flights or travels mostly through your phones yes personal notebooks and IPads help but you still prefer your phone. Technological advancements today have given us an opportunity to stay in trend with the latest developments and updated technologies and make life easy for everyone around us. A new domain designation has been given and created to personally identify websites that are mobile friendly and mobile adaptive in all forms. Mainly m.(the domain name) for example m.krungtechweb.com or www.krungtechweb.mobi . Today with the website for office you definitely need it to be mobile friendly to adapt to the latest trends of innovations.

Business Portfolio, Catalog & Brochure Websites

We try to make simple private business websites that are ideal for showcasing your work, everyone from landscape photographers to fashion models have an online portfolio these days to show off their talent to potential employers. It even helps factories and manufacturers to show what they deal in and helps them generate clients through online inquiries. Today we can reach millions of people through the power of digital platforms tools and marketing with just one website.

With Online Catalog & Brochure Websites you can show your products and services and get real inquiries for your company products and services. It may sound like an e-commerce website but truly it’s not because if you think of it, there are many businesses that deal in products and services that are not sellable online on the website such as the doctors, dentists, hair-stylists, electricians, personal gym trainers and many other services so these websites are important to showcase their business information, products, what they do and their services.

Customization and Support for the Website

We’ve found that every customer is different. Regardless of the details around your particular need, the Krung Tech professional services team provides customization services for your website to help you achieve your objective and goals along with providing full Website support and service.